DIY After Closing Upgrades

Here are some upgrades that we would rather do ourselves after closing. Some of them we are choosing to do ourselves because they are easy and inexpensive. Other options are just as expensive (if not more) than Ryan Homes options, but Ryan doesn't offer the choices that we would like.

I will update the list after closing with how much we actually spent out of pocket on additional upgrades. This should give you some idea of what upgrades will cost if you do them yourselves, or in some cases, hire them done.

Purchases Estimate  Actual
4 standard fans $400  
2 upgrade fans $300  
1 light $100  
Landscaping $4,000  
Crown molding $800  
Cabinet hardware $200  
Backsplash $300  
Quartz $3,500  
Sink $200  
Faucet $200  
Blinds $640  
Refrigerator $1,000  
Paint $3,000  
Attic storage $375  
Total after purchase upgrades $15,015  


  1. We were very lucky in that most of the upgrades we wanted and considered after purchase DIY ended up "added in" at no charge. We got blinds, landscaping, appliance package, garage door opener & backsplash plus others, We received &25000 in "free" upgrades :)

    1. Dang! That's awesome. No such luck here. We did get the garage door opener free though :)

  2. What do you mean by quartz? Are you doing your own counters? We were curious about counter alternatives, but we didn't look into it yet

    1. Quartz is a type of countertop material. It's made of quartz crystals bonded together with resin-type materials (DON'T think Corian, it is completely different). It's quite beautiful, check out the brands Caesarstone or Cambria (just to name a couple). Personally I think it's more attractive than granite, and way more durable. You don't have to seal it or maintain it at all. Quartz is one of the hardest minerals in the world, so it doesn't scratch or stain! I thnk Home Depot and Lowes both sell Quartz, but you can also find your own fabricator and pick out your own slab, just like granite. We just got laminate installed, and will replace it when we have the time and money (Quartz tends to be a little more expensive than a standard granite). But, I had a beuatiful speckled white quartz in my last house, and you could spill anything on it, leave it there, and it would never stain.

  3. I'm always amazed by the things some areas can get included in their build. We certainly were not offered the opportunity to add window treatments.

    The list of things I want to do to my house grows longer the longer I live in it!