Sunday, July 15, 2012

Footings, Foundation, and Framing Oh My!

After a little vacation with family and a busy week, I have lots of updates on our house. We found out that they would move our switched outlets, and that they could put the microwave above the gas stove. I know a lot of people have blogged about this, and it must really depend on location. Sorry to those that can't get their microwave above their gas stove, but I am ECSTATIC about this news!!!! Even though I was  told in advance that it wouldn't be possible, I was dreading the relocation of the microwave. I did a happy dance when I found out that they could put our microwave above our gas stove. I'm super impressed at how accommodating Ryan has been. And, the weekly phone calls with our PM have been great.
Now, onto the pictures....
The Footings

The Foundation

  • Prongs set in concrete, not sure what they are for.
  • Gravel pile, to be spread in garage.

  • Look at that, we have stairs. I didn't realize how high up our entrance would be.
  • I'm guessing those bricks were needed to get the right height, because we have stone that should cover that brick.

  • Drainstar and black spray adhesive around base.
  • Random bricks and blocks to fill a gap, wrapped with the Drainstar. I wonder what this is for?

  • Crawl drain tubing.

  • It's easy to tell where the support walls are.

  • More crawl drain tubing, but this one looks more cemented in.
  • Air vents for crawl. You can see a small gap between the vents and the cement blocks. I guess bugs can get through the air vent anyways.

  • They graded the ground in the crawl so that any water would run-off into the crawl drain.
The Framing


Phew! That was a lot for just a little over a week. I won't wait so long to post next time.


  1. Hi Julie, everything looks great! Congratulations on getting your special requests. Yay!

  2. Looks great! We are building the Naples too:)