Friday, June 22, 2012

Guardian Meeting

We didn't have to have a second Guardian meeting, because we already knew what we wanted from our first meeting. Our Guardian sales rep was super friendly, and put absolutely no pressure on us. I know that some others have felt that their reps pressured them into security systems, speakers, etc. but ours just asked us what we were interested in, and told us about those products.

What comes standard is 2 cable and 2 phone jacks. We didn't want 2 phone jacks, so he let us get 3 cable and 1 phone jack instead for the standard free package. The security system was something we will definitely want, but not for the monthly price that Guardian was charging. If you don't have home phone service, mobile service was $44.95/month. That does include free installation if you sign up for at least 3 years of service, but that is still on the high side. Another option we considered was having speakers pre-wired. It was $565 for a set of 5, or $245 for a pair. If we had a basement, we would have definitely had some pre-wiring done, but for the family room we decided it wasn't necessary (and it would have messed with my decorating style, lol).

Now, we meet with Rite Rug (flooring) tomorrow. Since, we have done this all before with the Verona, we know what to expect so there should be no surprises there. I'll post on that with some pictures of our selections tomorrow!


  1. Are you going to keep most of the same selections you already made?

    1. Mostly. We were pretty unhappy with our last Rite Rug meeting, because we felt super pressured into purchasing what the sales rep thought was best. She was pretty pushy about her opinions, and they weren't necessarily even opinions that cost more money. Either way, the whole idea of deciding what you want in your house in 2 1/2 hours is overwhelming, so it will be good to go back and make sure we actually liked what we choose last time.

  2. I went to Rite Rug three times. The first time, we didn't upgrade anything but the pad throughout the house. But, after thinking it over, we decided that it was worth it to do some upgrades. Right before we started to build, I went back once again to make changes to our master bath tile. The Rite Rug rep had no problems with me coming back, but my husband said that if I went back a third time, we were either getting a babysitter or I was going alone :) I look forward to seeing your selections.

  3. Yeah, definitely watch yourself at Rite Rug. Things can get out of hand real fast!! :-)