Monday, June 4, 2012

Questions to ask and GET IN WRITING

We finally heard from Guardian and Rite Rug and we will be meeting with them both this week.

I also wanted to included a list of questions ( a long list) that I had for our sales reps when we signed. I also sent a copy to them via email so that I would have all of my questions verified in writing. For most of the questions, we looked at the actual electrical drawings for the answers (very helpful). In case you wanted a good list of questions to start from feel free to steal from below. Keep in mind the answers may be different for your home model, community, or even state.

The most interesting things we found out that weren't included- a 2nd towel rod in any bathroom, a shower rod in any bathroom, no trim around windows (just a bottom ledge), only 1 outlet in the garage, only 1 CO detector upstairs (wouldn't it make sense to have one downstairs too?), and no lights in the closets (except the master)

The most interesting things we found out were included- 2 phone line jacks, 2 cable jacks, 1 smartbox (with all the wiring) located in a closet downstairs, 2 hose bibs (1 in the front, 1 in the back), 2 recessed lights on our porch, and all of the recessed lights in the master bath

Here is our list with answers:

1.       Hose bibs quantity and location: 2- one in front and on in back
2.       Concrete walkway to front entrance: included
3.       Sod sides (what does that mean):  everything around the front of the house, nothing behind the house line
4.       Fence style, material, location: shadow box, treated pine, to the lot line on back (may share with house behind), to the lot line on the right side, matching the house behind on the left side (a few feet from the sidewalk), and to the very back of the house on the front
5.       Deck stairs, rail: included and included
6.       Deck material: pre-treated wood
7.       Deck stain/seal: no
8.       Seeding in backyard: yes and straw
9.       Driveway: concrete included
10.   Sidewalks: concrete included (will be on left side of house)
11.   Trees: 2 in front included
12.   Bushes: landscaping package standard with pine straw and basic shrubbery included
13.   Front entry light: 2 on garage, 2 recessed on porch included
14.   Backyard lights: 1 coach light at deck included
15.   Bathroom hardware what is included and what they look like: brushed nickel, toilet paper and 1 towel bar in all included
16.   Shower rod and what it looks like: not included
17.   Exhaust fans in bathrooms- are they included and where do they vent?: yes in all, all vent outside per code
18.   Bathroom lights and what will they look like: every vanity has one, 1 recessed in guest bath up, 1 recessed in toilet room for master, 2 recessed by tub and shower in master, and 1 flush mount light in center of master bath, 1 recessed in downstairs bath
19.   Bathroom downstairs sink will be what (for the full bath)?: vanity, not a pedestal
20.   Water hose for fridge: tap included, but no hose
21.   Baseboard in kitchen, what it looks like: shoe (quarter round) trim included
22.   Garbage disposal switch included: yes and dishwasher switch included too
23.   Garage drywall, how finished/unfinished: sheet rock, taped and mudded, everywhere
24.   Outlets in garage, gfi or standard, location: 1 gfi by the door to the mudroom
25.   Door trim: yes on all interior doors, standard 2 1/4"
26.   Window trim: no trim around, base below and trim below that on bottom included
27.   Baseboard: yes standard baseboard included, and if there is  hardwood/tile there is shoe (tile may not have shoe depending on when tile was installed)
28.   Window screens: included, but on bottom only
29.   What windows from ply-gem: Builder 2000 Traditional Series 20 year warranty
30.   Windows open?: yes
31.   Energy star: 3.0 yes, used to be 2.5, but have since upgraded
32.   Carpet pad: 5.5lb included
33.   Thermostat quantity and what they look like: 2 digitals included, 1 up, 1 down
34.   Cable and phone outlets location and quantity: 2 phone and 2 cable you choose location, smart box located in the hall closet (covered with white panel) with all the wiring for Time Warner or Comporium
35.   Air conditioner quantity and location: 1 on the side of house (not sure what side)
36.   Laundry shelving: rod and shelf above laundry area included
37.   Hallway lights where, how many, what kind: 1 in foyer, 1 by stairs, 1 in between family and dining, mud room, 1 in laundry, 3 in hallway upstairs
38.   What will floor and carpet transitions look like?: nothing from wood to carpet, metal from tile to carpet
39.   Handrail on stairs: included and stained to match foyer hardwood floors
40.   Outlet color: white
41.   Smoke detector quantity: 1 CO in hall up, all bedrooms smoke, 1 smoke in hall up, 1 smoke in hallway down
42.   Shelves in bedroom closets look like what: 1 shelf across in all
43.   Window quantity in master bedroom and location: 3 in master, everything except the one that said optional on the drawing is included
44.   Interior doors and what will they look like: white 2 panel 
45.   Closet doors and what will they look like:  white 2 panel
46.   Lights closets: only master bedroom has lights in the closet


  1. That is a very thorough list!

  2. Good to see those lists out there. Thanks for sharing.

  3. Thanks for sharing your blog... I'm following now. Great list!

  4. What is a gfi outlet in the garage? Great list!

  5. Just make sure when reading this you know things vary based on your choice of model and location. For example, no fencing is available from Ryan here. Also, no decks are available, no switch for the dishwasher exists, no sod, but we did get hydroseeding in the back yard. No landscaping is included, thermostats, etc. etc. Make sure you ask these questions yourself as your answers can, and likely will, vary.

    Fantastic list of questions to ask.